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I provide a specialist speech and language therapy service for people with voice disorders.

People are referred for voice/ENT speech therapy by an ENT Consultant either because their voice has become uncomfortable,an effort to use, even painful or because their voice quality has changed in some way – they may lose their voice or have vocal changes towards the end of the day or week, or after a noisy social event.

Some may have only slight huskiness and others may have times when they can make no audible sound at all.

Therapy can help identify the causative factors and give you strategies for changing the harmful ways in which you use your voice.

The aim is to rehabilitate your voice so that it is always comfortable to use and is of an acceptable quality for all your needs.

Therapy is for anyone having a vocal difficulty including teachers, call centre workers,clergy, actors, broadcasters, schoolchildren, choristers,parents and doctors. In fact anyone who talks for work or socially, and that is all of us!